What are the Best Websites to Learn Human Anatomy?

In this article, I will discuss some of the best websites for studying human anatomy.  These were selected from a multitude of sites available on the web.

anatomy diagram of human male

With these websites that explore the mystery and genius of the human body, college students as well as adults will have no trouble learning human anatomy. Students can get a thorough understanding of human anatomy thanks to online interactives on the human body.

Anatomy is a branch of biology and medicine concerned with the study of the structure of living things. It is derived from a Greek word that means to take apart or cut up. Anatomy investigates cells, bones, and organs that exist in humans and animals. It is often split into two parts: histology (microanatomy) and gross anatomy.

Gross anatomy involves studying bigger structures of the body, and microanatomy is the study of the smaller structures of the body. Those who study histology utilize equipment such as microscopes to observe tissues and cells. 

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screenshot of anatomy zone

With more than 200 videos and a fresh selection of interactive 3D anatomy models, AnatomyZone is an excellent site for clear and succinct 3D anatomy lessons. The site

includes topics such as physiology and advanced anatomy. These topics are categorized by body parts:

  • Nervous System Organization
  • Tutorials on Lower Limb Anatomy
  • Tutorials on Upper Limb Anatomy
  • Tutorials on Pelvic and Abdominal Anatomy
  • Tutorials on Neck Anatomy Instructions
  • Tutorials on Thorax Anatomy



screenshot of inner body

This informative website is created for people who want to learn about the intricacies of human anatomy. It uses pictures, animations, and tutorials to explore various systems of our body. 

This site is perfect for learners who are able to understand things mostly through reading. The 2D section enables you to isolate body parts and discover particular information about different parts of the human body. You can isolate any organ and can obtain precise information. With the 3D rotation and zoom feature, you can see the system as a whole from any direction.

There is a video describing how to use the website and other sections that have similar information, like occupations relating to anatomy, diseases, and diet. For pupils in middle and high school who study anatomy, this is a useful resource.

The site extensively covers the human body and the interactions between its various systems. The body is divided into systems, and then each system is further divided into its tiniest components.


Anatomy Atlases

screenshot of anatomy atlases

Anatomy Atlases is a digital library that offers free education to students, healthcare professionals, and patients with the aim of improving patient care, outcomes, and lives. The goals of this website are to create a thorough digital anatomy library for use by healthcare providers and patients and ensure a top-notch educational experience by keeping things simple and uncomplicated. Anatomy Atlases is designed for physicians, fellows, and medical students studying anatomy. It should be helpful to other healthcare professionals who are researching anatomy.



screenshot of get body smart

Scott Sheffield started GetBodySmart in 2000. He made beautiful animations and illustrations along with easy-to-understand explanations. GetBodySmart is an attempt to make an eBook about human anatomy that is completely engaging and animated. Based on years of teaching experience, the content and layout of this website were developed.

GetBodySmart’s quizzes and free tutorials are available to healthcare professionals, pupils, teachers, and anyone else who wants to understand the body’s intricate physiological interactions.



screenshot of anatomy.tv

This website is an engaging educational resource on anatomy. It contains video clips, slides, text, and interactive 3D models. You can use this resource to find pictures to use in presentations and coursework, watch interactive videos and photos, and take quizzes to assess your knowledge. There are numerous modules on this educational website that cover clinical specialties, general anatomy, and in-depth subjects like comparative physiology and neuroanatomy. 



screenshot of histology world

Histology-World is more than just a place to have fun with histology. This website is rich in authentic educational histology content. Students in a histology class who are either attending their college classes online or in a traditional setting can access this histology website. This site is for you if you are interested in studying histology in order to earn a healthcare degree. The activities and information at Histology-World can be used to enhance the content of histology online college classes or online healthcare classes. The material at Histology-World can also be used as a supplement to their histology class by traditional medical training programs.


Microanatomy Web Atlas

screenshot of microanatomy web atlas

There are a number of study guides, tests, and pictures in this resource. It features a large number of illustrations. For each subject, the website also includes self-study guides and practice tests.

It covers the topics like male reproductive system, female reproductive system, digestive system, kidney/urinary system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system. Other topics include Nerve, Ear and Eye, Muscle, Skin, and Cartilage and Bone.

The descriptions are sufficient and the illustrations are understandable. These could be used by a teacher to lead students through the images and provide any necessary explanations and details. 



screenshot of teach me anatomy

This website is used by more than 6 million healthcare professionals and students each year to help them study. TeachMeAnatomy is a smartphone and tablet app that is available right now to help you get the most out of your study.

The educational website features more than 1000 brilliant, full-color photographs and is presented in an easy-to-read and visually appealing manner.

Each topic, developed by a group of medical students and medical practitioners, combines anatomical expertise with high-yield clinical pearls.



screenshot of winking skull

For individuals who like to study health science and medical pupils, this website is a very useful resource. Back in 2008, Thieme Publishers introduced it. The website contains more than 4000 anatomy pictures and more than 7000 questions and answers in otolaryngology, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology.


Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

screenshot of gale interactive

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy lets students study virtual 3D dissections and participate in interactive research. These potent tools can be used to assist with research projects and homework assignments and demonstrations in the classroom. Gale collaborates with global librarians to gather and organize rare content as part of their vast collection of educational databases. This allows them to provide the classroom with resources created specifically for online learning. Gale creates crucial curriculum-aligned content that keeps pupils interested in their studies and equips teachers with the tools they need to overcome curriculum obstacles.


Visible Body 

screenshot of visible body

Visible Body develops software and apps that are utilized by many healthcare providers, teachers, and pupils worldwide. The site uses game-like interactivity, small lessons, and 3D visualizations to make learning science fun, easier, and fast. Teachers and pupils that utilize this educational website report grade improvement, improved retention, and increased student engagement.

The website’s in-house team comprises software architecture experts, programmers, educational publishing executives, and biomedical visualization experts. 



screenshot of biodigital

The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform where physicians, students, and teachers can explore, customize, and share 3D views of diseases, physiology, and human anatomy. This cloud-based software is accessible in eight languages for use in any educational or clinical workflow, on any desktop, or mobile device.


Zygote Body

screenshot of zygote body

Zygote Body is a 3-D human anatomy website that allows you to easily annotate, resize, and rotate human body parts.

The ear, skull, and heart all have more in-depth views. With the use of an opacity slider, pupils can remove layers and concentrate on particular organ parts. The company has been creating the world’s top 3D anatomical products since its inception in 1994. Zygote’s 3D anatomical products have been used in medical animation and illustration projects, video games, movies, and educational software.



screenshot of 3d4medical

3D4Medical is a cloud-based education platform that enables students, teachers, and professionals to investigate the small details of human anatomy in 3D. The award-winning software is often used in healthcare facilities and universities all over the world and has been highlighted on stage at Microsoft and Apple events. Since 2009, the company has been creating anatomical and health products. It collaborates with a global group of academic experts to assure the highest level of medical accuracy.


I hope this article has given you plenty of anatomy website resources.  Click the following link to learn the best 3d anatomy apps.


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